Excited for Summer!

Warmer temperatures... Sunshine... Longer days.... Aaah! It is here! Summer is here! (Or is it really?!!) Stay positive guys! Even with all that rain and occasional thunderstorms that have come our way recently, we are only bound to get the best day [..]

March Madness!

Hello March Break! It's finally here! School is almost over and we're all looking forward to that well-deserved vacation. This is the chance where most students can also get their wisdom teeth out. Wisdom teeth may bother us in quite a few ways. Ei [..]

Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas is in the air! Well, hello everyone! Christmas indeed is just afew days away, and we're sure there's parties left and right! It'd be easy to get naughty and forget about brushing and flossing due to the busy season, but remember that Santa [..]

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