Blog — Excited for Summer!

Excited for Summer!

Warmer temperatures... Sunshine... Longer days.... Aaah! It is here! Summer is here! (Or is it really?!!)

Stay positive guys! Even with all that rain and occasional thunderstorms that have come our way recently, we are only bound to get the best days in the coming weeks!! We here at the clinic would just like to remind everybody to make sure to stop in to see us before heading out to enjoy your vacay spots so we can make sure those teeth are all in tip-top shape!! We know how dental appointments can be the last thing on somebody's mind when they are planning a big summer getaway, but remember! Food would be more enjoyable, and your time would be much more well spent than if you had a toothache just waiting to happen!! So check your calendars for any cleaning and check up appointments you need to come in for! 

See you around! Enjoy summer!

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