Crowns And Bridges

Dental Crowns Bedell Florenceville ClinicOftentimes, when a greater part of the tooth has been damaged due to decay, it is rendered prone to fracture, sometimes to the point where the fracture renders the tooth irreparable, and the only choice is to have it pulled out.

When more conservative restorations are insufficient for such teeth, a crown can be made to lessen the risk of losing the tooth needlessly. With this treatment, the tooth will be prepared in such a way that there will be space for the crown to be placed without interfering with the bWhile waiting for the laboratory to make the crown, the patient is sent off wearing a temporary one, and we’ll call when the crown is ready to be put in.

A bridge is very similar to a crown, its difference being that it is connected to a replacement tooth that is taking the place of a missing one. Normally, when you have one or a few missing teeth and there are healthy teeth on either side of that space, the healthy teeth can be prepared as they would be for a crown and have the laboratory make those crowns with a pontic tooth bridging the space in between.

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