Bleaching Teeth Whitening Dental Clinics NBOur teeth all have three layers: the outer layer called the enamel, the middle layer called the dentin, and the innermost hollow chamber that contains its nerve supply called the pulp. The thicker dentin layer that is naturally yellowish determines the color of the teeth as it shows through the thinner translucent enamel. Some people have a thicker enamel layer which makes their teeth appear less yellowish. Age, food and habits also play a role in how white our teeth appear.

Tooth whitening, or bleaching, is a procedure done by using chemical agents that penetrate into the dentin layer and break down the stain deposits. The length of time it takes to whiten the teeth will depend on the severity of the stain and its cause. (Trauma to a tooth or a root canal procedure can also affect the color of a tooth and make it look darker. ) Bear in mind that bleaching will not change the color of old fillings.

You will only have to come in once to have an impression taken, and when your bleach trays are ready, we will call to let your know, and your bleach tray and bleaching agent will be ready to use.

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