Technology in Dentistry

Using Phosphor plates instead of films to take Xrays

Dental Xrays Bedell Florencevilie NBXrays are definitely an indispensable tool in dentistry. Diagnosis and treatment of most conditions in the mouth would be very difficult without it. However, since xrays are radiation, and in excessive doses can be harmful to human tissue, we take them only when necessary, as well as every other year for regular maintenance visits. 

In this regard, we have equipped ourselves with ways to minimize exposure to the patients and to our staff as well. We no longer use regular film xrays but use phosphor plates which require less xray exposure time to be able to register an image. These plates are not as thick and bulky as the more advanced digital sensors, so they remain comfortable for patients, but still produce the same quality images necessary to make a diagnosis.


Dental Loupes

Dental Loops Carleton Dental Clinic NBIt is a magnification device mounted on a pair of eyeglasses that helps the dentist examine the teeth more closely, especially since working on teeth means dealing with anatomic structures that are very small. Knowing that your dentist can see exactly what they are doing gives you the confidence in the treatment that you are getting.



Intraoral Camera

There have probably been times when the dentist tried to explain conditions in your mouth but you found it hard to imagine what it really looks like. With advances in technology, we are now able to show you exactly what we see.

A slim handled camera that fits right inside the mouth will take high resolution images that will be flashed on screen for you to see. It will be interesting to finally get a closer look at the teeth, more than you can ever see when you try to look at them in the mirror!


iTero Scanner

Several dental treatments require taking impressions of the teeth to make a model, and a lot of times it is messy and makes patients gag. Thankfully, there is now a 3D scanner that can accomplish the same thing -- maybe even better.

The iTero is a computerized scanner that takes digital impressions, which means none of the gooey material we used to use in the past, translating to a more comfortable experience for the patient. Moreover, it has certain capabilities that make us communicate with the dental laboratory faster, so that the wait time to get a crown or a bridge done is a lot shorter than it used to be.

Dental Scanner Technology Bedell Florenceville NBDental Scans Dental Clinic NB


Zoom In-office Bleaching System

In-office Philips Bleaching SystemWant your teeth to be their whitest and brightest? The Philips Zoom is a system that can give you just that: the smile you want, in just an hour. A first appointment will be necessary for the dentist to make sure that you are a good candidate for this procedure, and if you are, you'll be one step away from getting the smile you've always wanted, and the self-confidence that goes along with it! Click here to know more about the bleaching procedure. Contact us now to book an appointment.



Dry Vacuum Pump

Dental Dry Vacuum Pump Bedell Florenceville NBCarleton Dental recognizes the global environmental issue regarding reducing ecological footprint, and we have taken steps to do our part in conserving earth's resources.

Taking you behind the scenes, a dental office normally operates with a pump that uses water to generate suction needed during dental procedures. On average, this wet vacuum pump uses 2 liters of water per minute in order to provide the right amount of suction. Imagine how much water will be used in an 8-hour workday! We have recently upgraded our equipment, and are now using a Dry Vacuum pump (AirTechniques Mojave V3) which enables the clinic suction to function without the use of water. That is 960 Liters of water saved in a normal workday!



Carleton Dental NB InvisalignNo matter how comfortable we've grown to having dental instruments in our mouths for certain treatment procedures, let's admit that the less time it takes, the better.

We at Carleton Dental Clinic understand that, and so we're excited to introduce the Isolite® system as another one of the many tools we use to make your experience as pleasant as it can be.

Having cotton rolls, a bite block, suction, and rubber dam inside the mouth all at the same time can be overwhelming. The Isolite® eliminates the need for all of this, while being a breeze to put in and take out of the mouth. With its cheek and tongue retractor all integrated, the soft tissues are protected, and the throat is blocked from any debris that might fall in. The patient remains comfortable, and the dentist completes the work in a lot less time that it will normally take if the Isolite® wasn't used.



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